ELVA "...training had ‘changed the way they teach, and think about teaching"


The University of Melbourne Centre for Program Evaluation conducted an evaluation of ELVA of the initial pilot phase of ELVA involving eight schools, 22 teachers and over 2000 students (Astbury and Aston 2013).  The report identified that through TPL and the implementation phase many of the teachers indicated they had developed greater emotional self-awareness and had a greater understanding of how their thoughts and emotions could impact on students.  The pilot teachers reported being more reflective, empathetic and mindful, and that “…the training had ‘changed the way they teach, and think about teaching’” (p.33).  They also reported that ELVA gave them a greater awareness of the importance of creating a safe and supportive environment when encouraging students to express emotions.


Download the ELVA Evaluation documentation (253kb)