2014 Symposium, 30th April

The ELVA Symposium is on again for 2014. This symposium is open to all teachers who are completing or have completed the ELVA training. It is a great opportunity to gain new knowledge and to reconnect and hear from other schools involved in ELVA.

Time: 9.00- 400pm (coffee available from 8.30)

Venue: The Dax Centre, Kenneth Myer Building, University of Melbourne

Cost: Free (Refreshments included)

Registration by April 24: email margaret.nixon@daxcentre.org

Program Guide

How to build a brain: the nuts and bolts of brain development

Dr Joanne Britto
Florey Research Fellow

The human brain undergoes many changes in both its structure and functional abilities across the life span. From the very beginning during fetal development, formation of the brain is a complex process resulting in the correct placement and connection between neurons. Our research aims to identify the mechanisms that create the part of the brain called the cortex, a region responsible for controlling motor, sensory and cognitive abilities.


Healthy teacher-student relationships and teacher reflective practices

Margaret Nixon
The Dax Centre

The contribution of positive teacher-student relationships to student wellbeing and academic outcomes is widely accepted. These relationships are recognised as essential for developing students’ connectedness to school and engagement in learning. Research suggests that the capacity of teachers to develop healthy teacher-student relationships may be enhanced if they are provided with opportunities to make sense of their prior relationship experiences, and work within school cultures and structures that prioritise the value of relationships.

Art experience

This session will engage our thinking about permanent and temporary art. It is designed to build an awareness of our own responses as we consider the responses of the students we are interacting with.

And much more!

Hearing from ELVA schools

An opportunity to hear from ELVA schools

• What has happened over the last 12 months?

• An opportunity to share your questions or queries.

• A chance to present ideas for the coming year.

 Download the symposium documentation here

The annual ELVA symposium provides an opportunity for teachers and schools implementing ELVA to come together, network, share experiences and consolidate and extend their learning.  It is a dynamic day that aims to provide ongoing professional learning in the key theoretical areas that underpin ELVA, while also providing an opportunity for schools and teachers to share their triumphs and challenges with other educators.